Welcome To Guardwell Crescent

Welcome to the official Guardwell Crescent Residents' Association's website. This site is here to provide a point of contact to our Guardwell Crescent Residents' Association Committee and also to help bring our community closer together. There is also a community run facebook page.

The Residentsí Association comprises all of the 206 property owners in Guardwell Crescent. We are responsible for maintaining all common areas such as the common gardens and the boundary walls. To this end an annual fee is collected. Payment of this annual fee is a legal requirement specified within the Title Deeds of each property.

At the Annual General Meeting (AGM), we elect our Committee and empower them to make small decisions on our behalf with regard to the maintenance of Guardwell Crescent and the collection of fees. We also vote on any larger decisions at the AGM or an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) should it be required.

Attending AGMs is optional, however we strongly encourage all residents to do so. All decisions taken at the AGM are legally binding. Decisions taken at the AGM authorise actions regarding the maintenance of our community and thus have a direct impact on our annual fees. In addition, the AGMs provide a forum for community building and keeping up-to-date with major community news.